MMXV demo

by bluehealer

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recorded in 2015 in matt's basement in kansas city, mo


released December 10, 2015

recorded, mixed, and mastered by james rumsey

mp - d/v
jh - b/v
df - g
ds - g/v



all rights reserved


bluehealer Kansas City, Missouri

rock band from kansas city, mo

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Track Name: betti, bitti, becki
you have a natural beauty about you and i find that an attractive quality though that tinge of red obstructs your airway
red is the enemy
don't let your red show
pull this string and i could slip further, further, further
Track Name: i'm about to throw the biggest temper tantrum you've ever seen
i'm feeling something
Track Name: just give me a minute to realize what i've done
whatever places i face, place you throw me out of
i'll be waiting to throw back to fill this absence of whole
don't be home
you're love sick or starving
please don't be home

don't let her family lie to you

she could've written the book
on not being happy how she looks
she's not happy
Track Name: pip boy
when i wake up it's just ourselves and i feel something that i can't place
how you're naked, how you're waking up
and i move faster when one of us is about to die
and i've been thinking
how that's just like him, you should see what he did to my friend
and i've been thinking about
how she says hush
how she says
Track Name: this is my favorite song to hack computers to
no waiting, no crying, no stopping, you'd stop me
there's something in their eyes that reminds me of yours
it's not something you can just have
please be something i can just have
i want out, i can't sit still anymore
Track Name: we're have deer heads
where is my heart now, oh gold plated aphrodisiac; my last confession
oh baby i'm down on my knees and if you can't help me i'll do it myself
and i'm not done yet
unchained in common area within the deep marrow, i fucking knew it
oh i think i have it but i never have it
and if i cannot win then i will never play again
this is not on record: please just shoot me

we were stranded in cafeteria
when you pulled me aside for one last confession
then you made your way to my room
just as they initiate the evacuation sequence

of all the things that i could change it still won't fix me

well how could you do this to me after everything?
you left me alone here to learn how to live without you